Serving the industry since 1988

Process Design Engineering, Process Equipment design,
Supply and Installation of Process units.

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-Process Design, Thermal design, Mechanical design,
-Storage tanks, tank farms, filling stations (Flammables, corrosives, petrochemicals included)
-Specialists in Water and Wastewater Treatment, (References)  (Package type)
-Site Installation of process units.  (References)
-Technical Consultancy and project management services, (References)
-Cleanroom supply and site Installations. (References)

Tetem started in 1988.  In the past 25 years, we have completed  many projects,
in different fields. See  reference list .

Condensate treatment

Tetem is a Process Design Engineering Company, and has made projects that included:

Process Design for Water Treatment,
Heat Exchangers,
Grease Plant Extension, etc.
Distillation Columns,
Special Equipment.

We also enter turn-key projects, that are related to our engineering expertise. These include;

Water and Waste Water treatment plants, 
Construction of Cleanrooms for the pharmaceutical plants,  
Prefabrication and installation of piping at petrochemical sites,
Special units for the Iron and Steel industry, Paper Mills, etc.

Our references include:
-The first modernization project for a Recovery Boiler in one of the biggest Paper Mills in Turkey,
-Supply of complete Chemical reheating and Alloying Stations in all Major Steel mills in Turkey,
-Waste water Treatment Plant for Paper Mills and Refineries,
-Construction of Highway viaducts,
-Complete detergent plant for P+G, and similar. 

Some of the recent references in summary: (2001-2012)

Over 100 Waste Water Treatment Package Units (SSTP Units - 2003/4)

Units with and without tertiary treatment has been supplied to the BTC project, including units for Petrofac, CCIC, and BP.  Supply also included fully automatic permanent plants for locations difficult to reach. Capacities range from 0,4 m3/day to 100m3/day. Most common units are with 25 and 50 m3/day capacity.

These units are usually insulated and depending on the location the units have heating or cooling stations. Our range includes units that operate from -45 degrees to +60 degrees temperatures. Each unit is custom designed to suit customer and country discharge standards. Our programme also includes permanent units, usually made from concrete tanks, with very long economical life.  Download the WWT Catalog.


Viaduct erection for the Istanbul-Ankara Motorway in JV arrangement, (2006)

Erection of 17,000 tons of steel viaducts in the Bolu Mountain Crossing project on the Main Highway from Istanbul to Ankara. Project has been done for Astaldi/Cimolai in JV arrangement with project management by S. Ağar. 



Consultancy services for complete factory for Syngenta Muradiye Project (2008):


Consultancy and coordination services for the new plant constructed in Muradiye. The project was completed within budget and on time, to the complete satisfaction of the customer. 

Cleanroom Installation for Bilim Pharmaceutical Company in Gebze, Turkey. (2008)

We have completed the installation of most of the Cleanroom projects in Turkey. This one is the 7000M2 Cleanroom for Bilim Pharmaceutical Co. The facility has already started operation. The work was done directly for the customer, using material supplied by Clestra Cleanrooms.



Istanbul International Airport, Complete installation of office partitions: (2001)

We have served TAV (Tepe-Akfen-VIE) by completing the installation of all the office partitions of Istanbul airport's new Arrival and Departure Terminal, all in 1 month! (Supply by Clestra France)


Detergent Plant for P&G Gebze, in JV arrangement. (2004)

We are proud to have made in JV organization, all of the Stainless steel vessels for the "process package". Project also included all other process equipment' supply and site installation. The scope also included the tank farm and complete piping installation. (Project Management also by S. Ağar).

Installation at the construction phase


Pak Group, SS tank fabrtication and renovation: (2001)

Over 100 tanks have been made.  16 existing reactors, Stainless steel, 4000 mm diameter, renovated at site under adverse conditions. Project aims at better hygienic conditions, and better biotechnological results from each batch. Also stainless steel pipework etc. has been finished in all their 3 factories.  

Reactor renovation - bottom cut.DF2


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